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Ham Radio License Exam Preparation

Get Your Ham Radio License

You are only 35 questions away from getting your Ham radio license. The questions come from a pool of questions published by the FCC that you can study on your iPhone® or iPod touch®. Prepare to take the tests sooner and with more confidence. Study anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Be Productive

You have to be at your computer to use online ham tests. Studying on your mobile device significantly improves the productivity of your studying! Anytime you have a spare moment, just bring up the app and study for your FCC ham radio license. You will be on the air before you know it with your new ham privileges.

Study Complete Question Pool

Use Ham Technician, Ham General, and Ham Extra to prepare for your Ham radio license exams. You can study every possible question that may appear on the exams. Review the questions and get immediate feedback on the correct answer.

Study Your Weak Areas

See how you are doing on each section that you study. Each topic tells you how well you did when you studied that topic. Use the Study by Weakness feature to study the questions on which you need the most work.

Setup Study Options

Shuffle Answers

Setup the questions to order the multiple choice answers in different sequential order to more accurately test you knowledge of the answer. This helps you avoid associating an answer by its position in the list and better prepares you to take the exam. The exam may have the answers to questions in a different order.

Shuffle Questions

Setup the questions to appear in random order within a topic. This helps you learn the question and answer without associating it with the previous question and answer.

Auto Correct

Select auto correct to immediately tell you the correct answer if you select the wrong answer. Turn auto correct off and you can try again to select the correct answer. Auto correct helps draw your attention to correct answers so you do not spend time learning wrong answers. (When you take a practice test, Auto Correct does not correct your answers.)

Take Practice Tests

Take a practice test and score it. Then retake the test, take a new test, or review the questions you missed on the the test. Practice tests build your confidence so you will be ready when you go to take the exam for your Ham radio license.